Carte Blanche to STOPTRIK International Film Festival

Saturday, September 17th, 4:30 PM

Pineapple Calamari: 9m 17sec (no dialogue)

Katarzyna Nalewajka

National Film and Television School

Royaume-Uni / UK (2014)  

Bande-annonce / Trailer

Pineapple Calamari dreams of being a horse-racing champion and he is taken care of by two inseparable women who share a very special connection.

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PATE: 6m *

Łukasz Jedynasty & Zuzanna Staszewska (O.V. polish, English subtitles)

Rainbow Box

Pologne / Poland (2014)  

This is a fictionalized music video for the band Kasia & Wojtek, and how it is played literally "to chop".

Spider's Anatomy / Anatomie pavouka: 27m 29sec (no dialogue)

Vojtech Kiss


République Tchèque / Czech Republic (2014)

Bande-annonce / Trailer

A gloomy city. Up from space it looks like a glowing spider's web, but from the inside it is a concrete organism; inside its bowels thick human sediments move back and forth. And so does Mr. Spider.

vimeo-iphone_02 vimeo-iphone_02

Seven/ Siedem: 6m 23sec * (O.V. polish, English subtitles)

Kamila & Mirek Sosnowscy

Pologne / Poland (2015)

A story about a very dangerous infatuation. An animated music video made for the band SAME SUKI. The song’s lyrics is an adaptation of the old Polish folk song On a Sunday at Dawn.

Lost Mariner: 5m 45sec (O.V. in English)

Tess Martin

Warren Etheredge

Pays-Bas / The Netherlands (2014)

Bande-annonce / Trailer

An animated interpretation of Dr. Oliver Sacks’ case study found in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. It uses photographs to visualize the rare memory condition of the patient Jimmie G.

Eye(Fold)Fish / Auge(Falte)Fisch: 8m  56sec * (no dialogue)

Valentin Henning

Allemagne / Germany (2016)

Combining the language of live-action footage with animation. The film describes an unstoppable process of separating the body from its environment. Note Vincent Wikström's music.

Tulipomania - Blinks First: 3m (O.V. in English)

Cheryl Gelover & Tom Murray


Étas-Unis / USA (2015)

Fractured faces singing as Franken-instruments blast through the beats. Composed of thousands of individual collages on black construction paper, held together with over sixty rolls of tape.

IMPULSE: 3m 43sec (O.V. in German, English subtitles)

Reinhold Bidner & Georg Hobmeier

Autriche / Austrian (2013)

Austrian multi-media artist Reinhold Bidner and choreographer/performance artist Georg Hobmeier combine stop-motion, pixilation, animation, compositing and elektrodensteuerung (literally “electrode management”) to conjure a strange, sterile and fully riveting film experiment. (Description from

4 Min 15 In The Developer / 4 min 15 au révélateur: 4m 44sec (no dialogue)

Moia Jobin-Paré

Canada (2015)

Bande-annonce / Trailer

A young woman and an urban landscape interact with each other. Developing images and intricacies by scratching and sewing them on again.

Duration: 75 minutes

Pineapple calamari Spider Anatomy Seven Lost Mariner Pate vimeo-iphone_02 Eye (fold) fish Tulipomania 4 min 15 Impulse vimeo-iphone_02 téléchargement

StopTrik International Film Festival was born in the alternative culture center Pekarna in Poland. From its very beginnings the festival has been a grassroots initiative that aims for international collaboration and cultivates openness for the novelties and appreciation for the tradition as well as focuses on alternative modes of culture production and perception.

Presented techniques during StopTrik IFF :


Puppets animation - Claymation - Objects or photography manipulation -Animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand, etc.) - Pixilation - Traditional Cut-Out

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