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Masterclass : Behind the scenes of

Chuck Steel – Night of the Trampires (UK)

Saturday, September 15, 7:30 PM

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Jody Meredith, a stop motion animator and director, recently worked on the feature film Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires by Animortal Studio in the UK, as an animator supervisor, storyboard artist and visual concept artist. The film was presented on two occasions only since it completion, for the first time at the Annecy Festival in France and this summer at the Fantasia festival in Montreal. Jody will take us behind the scenes and reveal some of the secrets of this mega production. Come see the puppets on satge!

Jody Meredith (UK)

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Get your ticket on site: J.A. de Sève Theater,

1400 Blvd Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 1M8


Ticket: $10 - Adult  / $ 5 - 12 and under

About the artist :

Stop motion animator based in the UK , Jody Meredith is involved in the animation industry for over 20 years. He worked on a variety of productions including feature films, television series and commercials. After graduating at the University of Glamorgan in the UK, he landed his first animator position at AAARGH! Animation Ltd on the BAFTA winning TV series 'Gogs'.


Feature film work includes Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie', Wes Anderson's ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, and Nick Park's 'Early Man' for Aardman Animations.


Aside from animating he has also been involved in other aspects of animation production, such as directing, story-boarding, set/character design, sculpting and model making. During his time as animator on Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' he was also involved with the puppet stills that were used in the merchandising campaign which included the official cinema posters.


He is currently directing an 'E4' sting where he created the concept, designed the main characters and storyboard.

Photo credit : Animortal Studio


Synopsis :

It's not 1985's 1986, and Chuck Steel is 'the best God damn cop on the force' according to his long suffering boss, Captain Jack Schitt. But even this maverick, renegade, loose cannon, lone wolf, cop on the edge, who doesn't play by the rules has his work cut out when the Governor of LA decides to reduce the licensing hours for clubs and bars triggering a sudden, inexplicable spate of high profile disappearances in the city.


The disappearances all have the same thing in common, a crime scene covered in blood but with no sign of the victim. The police are perplexed until they get a break in the case when one of the victims manages to escape. Chuck goes to interview the victim at the hospital but is confronted by a crazed old man who introduces himself as Abraham Van Rental. He warns a disbelieving Chuck that an evil scourge is about to descend on the city of Los Angeles - the scourge of the TRAMPIRES - a mutated hybrid of vampire and tramp.

Drapeau Fr

J.A. de Sève Theater,1400 Blvd Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 1M8 - Concordia University

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