J.A. de Sève Theater, 1400 Blvd Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 2V8 (Guy-Concordia metro station)

Concordia University

Masterclass : Behind the scenes of Hairy Hill

Special guest, Daniel Gies co-founder of E*D Films studio

Saterday, September 21, 2:30 PM

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HAIRY HILL is a short film that explores a rural family's relationship with nature and, ultimately, acceptance, told through an artful blend of CG, traditional 2D, paper puppetry, and performance driven animation. Currently in production at Montreal based studio E*D Films, Art + Tech Director Daniel Gies' underlying goal is to give the film a fable-like quality.


Like many animators, Daniel is drawn to stop motion because of its undeniably eerie magic that can make inanimate objects feel like they have been inhabited by a spirit and brought to life. Capturing stop motion animation's feeling of tactility and timelessness with the characters, animations and environments has been a driving force of the production. This is why all of the background assets and puppets were hand drawn and painted before being scanned into the computer. The final paper puppets have been designed and modeled in 3D, but based closely on everything that was learned from building real paper proto-types so that they could move in a life-like, hand-touched way. Using a blend of custom tools (motion captured VR puppeteering) with procedural and keyframe animation, the characters convey all the life and charm of a stop motion puppet with the added depth and robustness of a digital character. Join Daniel while he shares more about his creation processes and the discoveries he has made along the way.

Hairy Hill

Photo Credit : E*D FILMS


VIP passes and individual tickets on sale online, in limited quantities. Also available on site at the Festival box office from September 20th to 22nd, 1400 blvd de Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 2V8



12 years old and under : 5.22$ + tx (6$)

Adults : 10.44$+tx (12$)


A service fee of $ 1 per ticket and credit (5%) is applicable on online purchases




Daniel Gies (Art + Tech Director, Co-Founder, E*D Films), is an accomplished animator and programmer. Hispeers know him as a leader  in pushing  the  limits of off-the-shelf animation  software  through the  use ofcustomized scripting, hybridization, and creative programming. His extensive library - comprised of morethan 300 online video tutorials which explore his unique animation techniques - has an active and organicallygrowing international online following, reaching +100 000K subscribers across five social media platforms.Daniel is the inventor of: "Scene Track: Game Media Exporter", "PSD to 3D", and "Z Fighter" plugins - allinnovative   production   tools,   conceptualized   to   empower   artists   working   in   the   animation,   VR,   and   videogaming realms.