Workshop: In-camera effects; combining live action and stop motion by Salman Sajun Studio



Presented by Festival Stop Motion Montreal

With the collaboration of Salman Sajun Studio and Dragonframe





Mentors: Salman Sajun, Anna Berezowsky (Montreal, Qc)

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Where: Salman Sajun Studio (Saint-Henri)

1001 Lenoir St. - Unity A-315


Group 1: Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 9:00AM to 4:30PM


Group 2: Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 9:00AM to 4:30PM



Level: Intermediate

Cost: 125.00$+tx for 1 day of workshop

Regstration: [email protected]

Note: The workshop will be offered in English



Discover useful tricks and apply frame-by-frame techniques to create interesting transitions, simulate movement and speed effects animation. In-camera effects will become a piece of cake with Creative Director Salman Sajun and Lead Animator  Anna Berezowsky from Salman Sajun studio!

Salman Sajun is a creative director and founder of a creative studio specializing in bringing the inanimate to life through a magical blend of stop motion and live action filmmaking. Together with his handpicked team of creative ninjas, his goal is to make the world a colorful, more aesthetically pleasing place where imagination runs wild and creativity drives all content.



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Tricks and effects you might discover at this one-day training : 


- Forced perspective trick

- Combining live action and stop motion

- Flipping transitions

- Motion control tricks with and without high end motion control equipment

- Pixilation (using people – real human characters, in stop motion)

- Floating tricks

- Animation loop cycles

- Different textures that work best with animation tricks


Lead animator Anna Berezowsky brings her problem-solving, perseverance, and technical skills to the table to realize even the most challenging of projects. She is an experienced stop motion animator whose methods allow people to see ordinary objects in fresh, creative ways. Striving to give motion, life and personality to the seemingly impossible, Anna's commitment to craftsmanship is in every frame.

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