Complete the form below to submit your film to Festival Stop Motion Montreal. Multiple entries from a director, company or organization are permitted. Please use one entry form per film.






Please include :








IMP: For films produced in a language other than french or english, the Festival must receive a copy of the film with french or english subtitles to be considered eligible.





*Technical specifications for the final screening copy:


You can provide us with the projection copy of your film immediately, and it will also be used as a viewing copy for the selection process. Use the transfer site of your choice such as WeTransfer, DropJar or DropBox, and you will be able to integrate the download link into this form.


You can alternatively provide us with an online viewing copy ("screener"). In the event of the selection of your film, you will, however, need to send us the final projection copy to [email protected] no later than August 3, 2020.


To maximize the quality of the screening experience in the theatre we recommend the following formats :











N.B. Some of our theaters project DCP only, while others cannot support this format. Please send us either a Prores file or a .mov file, in addition to your DCP, when available. Your film could be presented on multiple occasions. For example, in a competitive screening and it's second screening session, in our ''Best of the Fest'' program or in our Discovery program, etc. Those screenings will be held in different theaters during the duration of our event.


All films and submission materials must be received by June 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. To stay on top of all the latest festival news, you can like and follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and sign up for our newsletter via our website.

- Director’s biography (60 words or less) and filmography

- 2 HD images from the film

- 1 photo of the director

- The film screener or the link to download the project*

- The trailer and ‘’making of’’ video if available

- Social media account(s) username(s) (We want to follow your work!)

Format : DCP / BluRay /.mov


Specifications for the .mov files:

Codec : Prores 422 (standard or HQ)

Resolution : 2K (2048x1080) or HDTV (1920x1080)

Audio : 24bit LPCM - 48kHz 2 channels (L-R) or 6 channels SMPTE (L-R-C-LFE-Ls-Rs)

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Submission Form

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