MSMFF 2012




1. Record crowds at the festival: people literally getting in line to storm the DeSève Theater for talks and screenings.

2. Hands-on Stop Motion workshops with Stop Motion Pro software, presented in collaboration with MEGA Bloks.

3. The crowd went wild when Merlin Crossingham of Aardman Animations presented some of the studio’s world famous characters!

4. Merlin Crossingham  setting up The Pirate Captain from The Pirates: Band of Misfits!

5. Mark Shapiro from LAIKA wowed the crowd with his talk that included production secrets from ParaNorman.

6. Norman was ready for his close-up! Many attendees were thrilled to hold the puppets  and have a chance to appreciate all the fine detailed work that goes into their construction.

7. Wallace and Gromit were also on deck to delight their many Montreal fans!

8. Once again, our official Chef Patissier outdid himself with his opening night cake that honoured the Festival’s three guests by featuring images from ParaNorman, Wallace and Gromit, and Family Story.

9. What would be a party without a Zombie? LAIKA provided un-living proof of the fine work they did for ParaNorman!

10.  From left to right: Chris Walsh (judge), Mark Shapiro (judge), Patrick Bouchard (winner in the professional category for Bydlo), and Merlin Crossingham (judge).

*Pictures by: Guillaume Lajoie, Myriam Elda Arsenault and Laurent Canniccioni.







2012 Festival Trailer