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Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema investigates and develops cinema as a means of artistic expression. Its programs aim to graduate filmmakers, film animators, and scholars who have a rich appreciation of the artistic and cultural potential of the medium, and also of its history and traditions. Students are exposed to the possibilities of both digital and analog technologies, and the School’s scholarly and artistic community celebrates its celluloid heritage and participates in the construction of the cinema of the future.


School programs -always evolving- embrace diversity, both in artistic formats and in the cultural values espoused through the study, creation, and dissemination of the cinema. The School's mission is inseparable from its commitment to the relevance and responsibility of its activities to the community, understood as being rooted here in Montreal and Quebec, throughout Canada, and internationally

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Cultural and Media Partners

Cultural Partners  - Festivals

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SIAL’s mission is to meet all our customers requirements. We are a manufacturer of clays, glazes, sculpting stone, temperas and electrical kiln parts. Also, we are distributors of complete product lines for pottery, ceramics, sculpture, molding, casting, Professionnal Make-up and Special Effects - FX. We continually add new products as to remain in the forefront of new trends and techniques.


SIAL’s expert staff has been trained to advise you on all our products, so that you may realize all your projects from the simplest to the most complex.

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Casteliers is an organization that specializes in theatre puppetry arts and presents year-round puppet shows of traditional or contemporary forms. They also organize an annual festival that takes place over the spring break. The 14th edition of the Casteliers Festival will take place from March 6th to 10th and will feature numerous puppet shows for adults as well as children from Quebec, Canada and other countries around the world.

March 4-8,  2020

Depuis plus de 25 ans, nous sommes un lieu de rassemblement et un moteur du secteur, un centre de création, ainsi qu'une vitrine du savoir québécois en imagerie de synthèse et en médias interactifs.

L'École NAD, campus de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, propose des technologies nouvelles, un équipement hautement spécialisé, un corps professoral composé d'experts, des chargés de cours qui font leur marque dans l'industrie et un espace dynamique consacré à la création pour nos étudiants triés sur le volet.


Nous sommes au goût du jour, comme la technologie qui sans cesse se renouvelle. Nos diplômés travaillent sur des projets grandioses et variés (Assassin's Creed, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, La guerre des tuques, etc.). Nous nous distinguons des autres établissements de formation grâce à nos liens privilégiés avec l'industrie et la plupart des grands développeurs de logiciels de création numérique (Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Eyeon, Toon Boom, Pixologic, Side Effects) qui, au fil des ans, nous ont mandatés pour former les nouveaux utilisateurs, pour former les meilleurs.

Public Partners

Associated Partners

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Recognized since 1989 by the Quebec Ministry of Labour, the Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association is an association of part-time faculty employed by Concordia University to defend and negotiate on behalf of its members. The Association not only defends the rights of its members, it supports and showcases their achievements relating to their professional development, their creative endeavors, and their academic research.


Located in the heart of Old Montreal, TONIC DNA (formerly Studio Pascal Blais) is an internationally acclaimed animation production company. With over 35 years of experience in the animation industry, the studio is at the forefront of creative innovation, offering a full range of services related to the production of commercials, animated series, short films and feature films, as well as branded, digital and interactive content solutions for clients across the globe.

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Dragonframe offers stop motion filmmakers, powerful, efficient software and hardware solutions to facilitate maximum productivity and unbridled creativity. It offers a comprehensive set of animation and cinematography tools, and offers hardware integrations for advanced 3D stereoscopic capture, lighting automation, and motion control. You can download the free trial version now!

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animation-festivals.com aims to provide the international animation community with a continuously updated directory of festival listings; specialising in festivals that are exclusive to animation, or film festivals with a dedicated animation category. The website is completely free to use.

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Main Film is a center for artists founded in 1982, whose mandate is to support independent filmmakers in finding their artistic voices and cinematographic visions through practice and artistic enrichment, whatever the experience level, chosen medium, technique, or context of distribution. Through their various activities offered, Main Film aims to accompany filmmakers in defining themselves as artists and to encourage the emergence of new cinematographic voices.


For this, we operate on two complementary levels and propose to filmmakers:


- to free themselves from material and financial constraints, which limit creativity, the creation itself and practice


- to enrich themselves artistically alongside recognized artists and facilitate entry into their field


We offer our material resources and contacts, as well as a space dedicated to creation and a friendly atmosphere.


The accompanied artist is able to improve their practice, refine their auteur filmmaking vision, experiment and explore their craft. We wish to aid in the emergence of filmmakers with a unique artistic style and approach, in enriching, renewing and diversifying the cultural landscape through strong and bold works.

The Sommets du cinéma d’animation is an essential annual rendez-vous that brings together animation artists and professionals as well as movie-lovers from all over. Recognized as reals landmarks in the animation world, Montréal can certainly boast of the asset that is the Sommets­, a major event that celebrates animation in all its bold and diverse forms and that highlights the knowledge and expertise of local practitioners of this art form.

December 3-8  2019

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Thank you to our partners and sponsors

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the 12th edition of the Festival Stop Motion Montreal. We are very pleased to announce the names of our new partners, as well as our loyal supporters who have been with us from the start of this wonderful adventure!


On behalf of the entire Festival Stop Motion Montreal team and all festival-goers taking part in the 2020 edition activities; we thank you enormously!

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The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) is the National Arts Service Organization for the Media Arts. With a coast-to-coast-to-coast membership of nearly 100 artist-run centres, festivals, and distributors, we represent over 16,000 independent media artists and creators engaged in independent film, video, audio and new media arts.

Festival Stop Motion Montréal is a member of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA)

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The Quebec Association of Puppeteers (AQM) is a service organization whose mission is to promote the development and recognition of puppetry. Its membership is made up of practitioners, creative and production companies, professional artists from the field, as well as cultural organizations and people interested in the arts of puppetry, in order to promote the evolution of practice, to help them integrate into the contemporary theatrical movement and to sensitize public opinion and public authorities to the work, research and stakes of the puppeteers. The AQM acts exclusively as an organization for the profession of puppeteer in Quebec.

Teatricus.com, the show's toolbox, was launched in 2010. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the gathering and digital tools of arts and entertainment professionals.


Teatricus has created a platform that brings together, in a single connection, six interactive digital platforms aimed at supporting the arts and entertainment industry.


Teatricus works to deliver the right message and provide the right solution for every type of professional, whether artists, technicians or companies. Our goal is to bring together and federate these professionals through events or partnerships. Also, we propose to relay and diffuse your work.

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Dynamic, colourful, diversified: the Conseil des arts de Montréal is a reflection of its city and artistic community.


Motivated by its mission to support and recognize artistic excellence, the Conseil identifies, supports and recognizes experimentation, discovery and boldness. Its policies stimulate innovation and promote emerging artists and cultural diversity.


Through its grants, tours, residencies, awards, like the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal, and mobilization initiatives, often created in partnership, the Conseil annually supports over 400 cultural organizations.


By valuing public participation in the arts, most notably by showcasing local artists in all areas of the island, the Conseil has helped make Montreal the vibrant and creative city it is today.


Salman Sajun Studio is a one stop shop for all your creative visual needs.  We specialize in bringing the inanimate to life through a magical blend of stop motion and live action. We have a hand picked team of creative ninjas and our goal is to make the world a colourful, more aesthetically pleasing place where imagination runs wild and creativity drives all content.  


We have had the pleasure of creating dozens of commercials, short films and digital content for clients all around the world. Each and every project is approached with a whimsical curiosity that results in something completely new, each and every time.


Year round, Cinéma Moderne offers a unique cinematic experience allowing audiences to enjoy and discover a world of independent cinema in an intimate, warm and vibrant environment, located in the heart of the Mile End (5150 St-Laurent Blvd.)

From the moment you enter, it's as if you have journeyed to Ireland. The sights, sounds and scents immediately transport you to the Emerald Isle. Strolling about the pub, you will see genuine artifacts and authentic collectibles from Ireland. The dark walnut bar has one of the largest selections of beer taps in Canada.


Listen to live music played nightly by excellent local bands, or cheer on your favorite sports team streamed on our HD plasma and big screen TVs. Enjoy a great time at your local McKibbin's Irish Pub!


The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the development and competitivity of Québec as a world-class film and television production centre.


It generates investments in Québec by relying on competitive tax incentive programs, the expertise of the sector's members, geographical and architectural diversity, the quality of its infrastructure and the industry's ability to export its products to foreign markets.


Today, this mission is centered around two main axes:

Film Commission Services (Promotion) - They highlight the advantages of shooting in Quebec: an extraordinary architectural diversity, a skilled workforce, world-class infrastructure, a high-end professional environment and, finally, one of the best visual effects ecosystems in the world.


Sector-specific development (Cluster) - The QFTC is also a forum for exchange and cooperation where concrete actions are taken to support market growth. It leads major studies and consultation projects to measure, guide and better document the industrial development of the sector.


Lastly, the QFTC acts as a representative and strategic advisor to government bodies.

Fondée à l’initiative de Casteliers, diffuseur spécialisé en théâtre de marionnettes, et l’Association québécoise des marionnettistes, la MIAM a ouvert ses portes à l’automne 2018 en tant que legs du 375e anniversaire de la Ville de Montréal, au cœur de l’îlot Saint-Viateur à Outremont. Centre de création, de diffusion, de formation et de médiation culturelle entièrement voué aux arts de la marionnette, elle met à disposition des artistes, des citoyens et des visiteurs :


un laboratoire de création équipé,

un atelier de fabrication outillé,

une salle multifonctionnelle ouvert à la collectivité,

des ressources et une expertise spécialisées.


Established in 1971 in Montréal, Vidéographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the research and the dissemination of moving image practices. This includes experimentation in video art, animation, digital arts, documentary, essay, fiction and dance video.


Videographe is dedicated to the development of forms that stem from experimental video and encompass the many modes of production and dissemination available in today’s expanded field of moving image. We endeavour to promote the recognition and understanding of both contemporary and archival works.

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MOMAKIN is a Polish company, which combines the world of animation filmmaking with international production, distribution and promotion. It supports animation projects at every stage of their development: from planning and financing through production to distribution. It runs a talent agency, and initiates and produces film projects in Poland and abroad based on a network of contacts that ensure effective distribution and promotion. It has an extensive distribution catalog for the cinema, TV and VOD. It is involved in education and professionalization of the film industry.


MOMAKIN is the organizer of the ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum which is the only event in Europe that caters to the representatives of the film industry focused on puppet animation. Pitching, expert consultations and networking are designed to consolidate the industry as well as facilitate the establishment of international contacts and cooperation.

October 6-10  2020

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