Rules and Regulations


Special Programs

To submit your film to Festival Stop Motion Montreal, please fill in our online entry form.


Festival Stop Motion Montreal must receive all films and submission material by no later than 11:59 PM July 2nd, 2021*.


Before submitting your entry form, please read through our festival rules and regulations to confirm the eligibility of your film and to view our full submission material guidelines.


We invite you to read our Special Programs section for details on the possible conditions of use of the films in the official 2021 selection. The Festival would like to share your films in special tailor made exchange programs with our cultural partners, which could see your films presented at various festivals and cultural events starting October 2021, throughout Quebec and worldwide.

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* COVID-19 

In response to the current pandemic and its uncertain evolution, we invite artists who are experiencing delays in completing their film productions to fill out a submission form before July 2nd, 2021, as planned. Please indicate in section "14. Comments" that the project is not finished and specify what needs to be completed. The Festival team will evaluate projects to the best of its ability. We ask you to present an uncompleted version of your film and to be able to guarantee a final version by August 6, 2021.


Festival Stop Motion Montréal’s 13th edition will be available mostly online. On your application you will be asked in section "12. Information"  for permission to broadcast your film online, on a platform to be defined, for the period from September 10 - 19, 2021.


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